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what is maya pet?

Maya Pet goes beyond your typical pet probiotic to moderate and regulate your pet's digestive and immune systems. Maya Pet was developed through decades of research with the goal of giving your pet the healthy life they deserve.

We've combined unique Smart Strains™ of bacteria your pet needs to achieve optimal gut and immune system health into one easy-to-consume supplement powder that pets love. These Smart Strains are exclusive to Maya Pet and have been proven to improve gut health, immune system communication, and microbiome balance in pets.

comparing Smart strains™ to probiotics

your pet deserves
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are Smart Strains safe?

Yes! Maya Pet is made with good bacteria naturally found in your pet's body, so there's little risk of side-effects or complications.

Our team takes safety and quality very seriously. All of our products are manufactured in our Wisconsin facility. Maya Pet meets rigorous Bacteria Quality System (BQS) standards, which help ensure all bacteria we use are safe and that your pets get the most out of every dose.

Quality check performed 3 times:

  • BQS checks are performed three times during our process and there's a certificate of analysis on each batch that ensures bacteria counts meet or exceed our product guarantee.

Quality checks look at:

  • Bacteria population counts
  • Purity of the bacteria strain
  • Consistency of product

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs or contact Maya Pet! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.